Data Types in C


INTEGER TYPES IN C C supports different kinds of integers maxima and minima defined in “limit.h” limits.h This is the second standard header file we have met. This contains the difinition of a number of constants giving the maximum and minimum sizes of the various kinds of integers. It is a text file and may be viewed with any text editor. Constants: Constants have many types in C. Numbers containing “.” or “e” are double: 3.5, 1e-7, -1.29e15. For float constants append “F”: 3.5F, 1e-7F. For long double constants append…

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History of C Programming Language


HISTORY OF C C was invented primarily by Brain Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie working at AT&T Bell Labs in the United States. In 1983 the American National Standards Institute began the Standardisation process. In 1989 the International Standards Organization continued the standardisation process. In 1990 a standard was finalized, known simply as “Standard C”. Everything Before this known as “K&R C”. Standardisation : C turned out to be very popular and by the early 1980s hundreds of implementations were begin used by a rapidly growing community of programmers. It was…

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