How to Restrict or Control WordPress Admin Access by IP

Restrict admin access by ip address

Are you worried about the security of your WordPress site? what’s more, need to secure the WP Administrative panel? Limit admin access by IP Address is a compelling method to secure your WordPress admin panel. In this instructional exercise, we’ll show you industry standards to limit WordPress admin access by IP utilizing HTACCESS. Allow Access to WP Admin from specific IP The following example shows how you can allow access from a particular IP address to wp-admin. It is exceptionally valuable when you need to allow access just from your…

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How to remove the Password Strength Meter from WooCommerce on the checkout page


In this article, you will learn how to remove the Password Strength Meter from WooCommerce on the checkout page. With latest version of  WooCommerce a new feature has been introduced to checkout page :- The Password Strength Meter. Password Strength Meter forces users to choose or use strong password on checkout page, when customer want to create new account. Personally, i use 1 password to create account and store all of my password, so this is not issue for me, but average customers would not like to use different password…

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How to Show Related Posts for Custom Post Type in WordPress

related post in wordpress

In this article we will learn about “How to show Related Posts for Custom Post Type in WordPress“. In WordPress, Related post is very important to engage the visitors of your website. Wordprss provides us the capability to display the related posts of specific post category type. Show the related post of the any category article is very simple and you can add related posts list to your blog without using any wordpress plugins. If you want to show related posts for custom post type, then you need to be…

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Gravity Forms Woocommerce Product Add-on not sending notifications

Gravity form woocommerce

By default, Gravity Forms Add-Ons does not send email notifications when they are assigned to a product. The change below will enable Gravity Forms to send the notification. Woocommerce Gravity Form add-on Fix: gravityforms-product-addons.php, line: 567  

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