How to create PHP Text Captcha without google captcha API

php captcha code

PHP Text Captcha is a image of text which is generated by free captcha script. It is used to protect your login form, register form or any forms from spam ,abuse and hackers.

In this article, we will learn How to create PHP Text Captacha without google captcha API. PHP Text Captcha is open source script which is used to create complex images.

Features of PHP Text Captcha:

  • Code Structure is small.
  • phpTextClass is used to create captcha image
  • Code is fully customizable
  • Security features with random lines and noise
  • Protection from spammer and abuse script.
  • Remove possibility to hack information from random hackers script.


In this file, we create a phpcaptcha class , hexTo RGB and ImageTTFCenter function to create imgae of text captcha.


This file is used to create a form data and used to validate captcha image after submitting the form.


This file is used to create captcha image. In this file, we include the “phpcaptchaClass.php” file and create an object of phpcaptchaClass.
phpcaptcha():- this function create image with text and lines or noise based on parameter.


In the example script, the static images are showing on the 3D images gallery.

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