HACK-1 year Amazon Prime Membership Free


In this article , i will tell you about opportunity for free Amazon Prime Membership for complete 1 year. Quickly grab your free Prime Membership now by below step:

Steps to avail free prime membership

  • Open Amazon App
  • Search for Amazon Prime Membership
  • Click on Join Prime Today link that comes up.
  • Click login to Join Prime Button.
  • Register for prime.
  • Click check out.
  • Select Netbanking as a payment option
  • Select HDFC bank
  • Continue – This will take you to HDFC payment gateway.
  • Type 123456789 as user id
  • Click login
  • The transaction will fail immediately.
  • Now press back button to reach your app.
  • Congrats you have availed Amazon Prime Membership

Follow above steps and avail your prime membership today for free. This is not going to last for long so hurry up.


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