How to Create Bootstrap Carousel Slider

Bootstrap Carousel slider

In this article we will learn “How to create Bootstrap Carousel slider” with different types of carousel functionality. There are lot’s of jQuery slidershow plugins are available to create crousel slider for cycling through elements. If web application uses Bootstrap framework, an additional jQuery pligins is not required to slideshow elements like a carousel. Bootstrap JS Carousel (carousel.js) provides an simple way to use a carousel slider on the web page.

In this Step, we will show you our example code, with the help of this code you can extend the bootstrap carousel functionality and create different types of carousel slider.

Before we get started with carsusel bootstrap slider, include the below bootstrap and jQuery library between <head></head> tags.

The above code provide bootstrap CSS and jQuery functionality of slider.

Bootstrap Carousel Slider: Copy and paste the following code into index.html file after <body> tags.


Javascript Code:

copy and paste the following javascript code before </body> tags.

Carousel Options:

The following options are available to configure bootstrap carousel as per needs.

  • Intervel (Number) – Specifies the amount of time to delay between automatically cycling. Set “false” to stop cycling. Default delay time is 5000 miliseconds.
  • pause – Set “false” to stop pause cycling on hover
  • wrap – The default value is true.
  • keyboard – The default value is true

How to use Carousel Option:

The above example shows how you can specify the carousel options.


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