Gravity Forms Woocommerce Product Add-on not sending notifications

Gravity form woocommerce

By default, Gravity Forms Add-Ons does not send email notifications when they are assigned to a product. The change below will enable Gravity Forms to send the notification. Woocommerce Gravity Form add-on Fix: gravityforms-product-addons.php, line: 567  

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How to integrate Gravity Forms with Google Spreadsheets:

Gravity Forms is an extremely popular Forms plugin for the WordPress. When someone submits a form created with Gravity Forms, the form data is saved inside the MySQL database . There are step by step process to integrate Gravity Forms with Google Spreadsheets: Step1-> Open the google spreadsheet where you wish to save the form data Step2-> create a header row with the column names for all the fields that you wish to save from Gravity Forms. Step3-> go to Tools->Script Editor step4-> paste the following code

——– Step5-> Save…

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