How to send attachment in an email on form submission using PHP

send mail with attachment in php

Contact or feedback form is utilized for online communication and the submitted form data is sent vie email instantly. At the point when the contact form has a document upload field, the document should be sent with email as a attachment. Using the php mail() function, you can send email with attachment and form data in PHP without much of a stretch. In this instructional tutorials, we will guide you how to send email with attachment on form submission using PHP. The following code gives a moment capacity to make…

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PHP Array Function

Here is the list of PHP array functions sizeof () :- This function is used to count the items of the array. (count() is also used instead of this).   Example:  

explode () :- This function is used to explode the string into an array. Example:-

implode () :- This function is used to convert the array into a string. Example:

Range () :- This function allows us to get the range of numbers such as 1,10 or 1,100 etc.. We need to specify two points.…

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