Top 10 Code Editors for Programmers 2018

top 10 code editors for programmers

A lot of the things have changed in the tech world. Many new programming languages have been introduced for the development of tech world. As the technological world is changing, it is demanding for efficient programmers who are capable of writing error free amount of clean and optimized code in the given time range.  As to write an error free code, it is important for a programmer to choose among the best code editors.

  • Sublime Text A lightweight text editor that offers various pros like instant file switching, Haxe and OpenFL integration via plugin support and syntax detection and highlighting the error. With few of the pros, the sublime text has few of the cons like poor support for Linux and no toolbar of its own.
  • Coda A text editor that easily supports Mac. Coda supports OS X 10.7.5 & later versions of Mac and is one of the very few code editors that have been carefully designed for Mac systems only. Auto code completion and terminal window support for MySQL queries are few of the pros of Coda.
  • Text Wrangler Another iOS-based text editor program. The software supports only one primary language i.e. Engish. Although, it’s a plain text editor app but it is a very powerful text editor and best tools for Unix and server administration.
  • jEdit A code editor for experienced programmers as it’s a java based code editor with pros like auto indentation, integrated FTP browser, spell checker, FTP support and the many others. Apart from these pros, it has some cons like a heavyweight application and takes time in loading.
  • Araneae Using this code editor, it enriches your coding and programming experience on a Windows based PC. This code editor includes multiple extensions and localizations enabling support for multiple programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and Rails without any help of third party extension downloads.
  • Visual Studio Code An open source platform that can be used on any major platform like Mac, Windows, OS X, and Linux. The application is lightweight and does not use much of the RAM promoting fast access and implementation but yes, the software takes a huge time in updating on Linux systems.
  • CoffeeCup This code editor supports HTML/ CSS programming. To get this software, you need a proprietary license. Also, the software supports almost every platform including Windows and Mac. An impressive support for HTML designing and development is what makes the CoffeCup a must use.
  • Brackets A free code editor from Adobe. An inline editor, live preview, and preprocessor (SCSS, LESS) support. The WordPress user gets an option to install adds hinting and auto completion for WordPress theme and plugin development and also includes hints for Woo Commerce development.
  • Notepad++-The most popular free source free code editor and supports various replacement for several languages. Features like auto-completion, function completion, syntax folding and the many other features are what makes notepad++ a must use software.
  • ATPad The software is quite similar to the Notepad in looks and the interface. But, comes with some up gradations as compared to notepad and the tool is available in more than 11 regional languages.

Above were the top 10 code editors for 2018. Don’t forget to get your hands on these code editors this year.

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