How to Set Minimum Weight in WooCommerce Orders

Hello friends, In this article we w’ll learn “How to set Minimum weight for every order in WooCommerce“. Let’s start if we want to set a limit of 30kg for each order. In WooCommerce, there are several ways to set the parameters for WooCommerce purchase limit.

Here we will use the “woocommerce_check_cart_items” action which is provided by WooCommerce to run the functions and execute the code.

Setting a Minimum Weight for WooCommerce Purchase Limit

Many online stores don’t allow their customers to checkout cart untill his purchase product weight does not exceed a pre set limit. Minimum product weight require to reduce delivery costs and the process becomes more streamlined.

You need to place the following code in the function.php, located in theme folder.

Woocommerce min order limit

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