How to Import Excel To Mysql Database Using PHP

How to Import Excel To Mysql Database Using PHP

Hello friends, In this post we will learn about “How to import excel or csv file to MySQL database using PHP”. Before start this topic, i want to discuss the use of this function?. As you know that if we have 10 to 20 records of employee than we can insert this records manually into database, but if we have more than 1000 records than it not a possibility to enter 1000 records manually one by one.

To insert morethan 1000 records at a time, we create a excel or csv file of employee details and import our excel or csv file to mysql database. Now i going to start step by step process to create a panel for import excel to mysql database.

Step 1: First we will  create a connection file db.php.

Step 2: Create a database table 

Step 3: Now we will create index.php file for front view.

 Step 4: Now we will create a file import.php to insert excel or csv records.

This is the simple 4 steps to create a panel for  import excel or csv file records into MySQL database. I hope it will help you and solve your problems.





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