How to Generate PDF from Mysql Database using PHP

Generate PDF from mysql database

In this post I will explain you How to Generate PDF from Mysql Database using PHP. To Generate PDF file with mysql data content and output, we will use popular php library FPDF which will help us to generate PDF file.

What is FPDF ?

  • FPDF is a PHP class library which allow us to generate PDF file using PHP.
  • In FPDF, ‘F’ stands for Free. So We can say FPDF  means Free PDF .
  • It is Open Source library. You may use it  and modify for any kind of usage to suit you needs.

Features  or Advantages of FPDF Library:

  • You can manage page format and margin.
  • Easily Header and Footer Management of PDF file.
  • Automatic Page Break
  • Line break and text justification automatically.
  • Image Support with format JPEG,JPG,PNG,GIF.
  • Links, Colors, True Type and encoding Support.
  • Page Compression

Step by Step Process to generate PDF using FPDF:

Step-1: Select the data from MySQL database into the page
Step-2: Download the FPDF library from 
Step-3: Upload FPDF file into your application Folder
Step-4: Include the fpdf.php file into your application file




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