How to Create Dynamic Category Subcategory Tree using PHP and MySQL


Category and subcategory tree view structure gives an easy to use approach to list the parent and child categories. The category and their subcategory are effectively isolated by a tree structure. The categories tree view is constantly recommended to display a boundless level of categories and subcategories.

In this instructional exercise, we will show you industry standards to make dynamic category subcategory tree using PHP and MySQL. The recursive category tree is extremely helpful to list n level categories in a dropdown. The code help you to make n level category subcategory dropdown in PHP. The dynamic categories information will be recovered from the MySQL database and recorded in a parent-child category tree organize.

Complete Code

Create Database Table

To insert categories and subcategories, a table should be made in the database. The below SQL makes a categories table in the MySQL database.

The parent_id table column determines the parent or child category. In the event if parent_id is 0, it will be a parent category. Else, it will be a child category.

Create Database Configuration

The cateSubcatTree() function creates a n level category subcategory dropdown option for categories tree.

  • $parent_id – Optional. Specify the parent category ID to get the child categories.
  • $sub_mark – Optional. Sub Mark that will display at the beginning of the child category name.

Dropdown for Category Subcategory in PHP

We will use cateSubcatTree() function to generate dynamic categories tree dropdown in PHP with MySQL.

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