Delegates :-

Delegates are a type-safe, object oriented implementation of function pointers and are used in many situations where a component needs to call back to the component that is using it. Delegates are generally used as basis of event, which allow any delegate to easily be registered for as event.

Namespace :-

Namespaces are logical grouping of classes and other types in hierarchical structure. Namespace are useful to avoid collision or ambiguity among the classes and type names. Another use of the namespace is to arrange a group of classes for a specific purpose.

There are 7 namespaces which are imported automatically.

  • System
  • System.Collections
  • System.IO
  • System.web
  • System.web.UI
  • System.web.UI.HTMLControls
  • System.web.UI.WebControls.

Datagrid :-

The DataGrid Web server is a powerful tool for displaying information from a data source. It is easy to use; you can display editable data in a professional-looking grid by setting only a few properties. At the same time, the grid has a sophisticated object model that provides you with great flexibility in how you display the data.

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