How to convert array data into Simple XML file using PHP

array to xml conversuion

Hello Buddy, In this post we’ll get the knowledge about how to convert array data into Simple XML file using php code.

Most of times we want to get data as a XML format but we get data into array format. For  this, we’ll go to convert the array data into Simple XML file. During this tutorial we’ll discuss, the way to produce XML from array in php. We have to create an easy script to convert Any PHP array data file into XML file. You’ll simply generate XML file from PHP array ans save this into XML file.You’ll convert every kind of array like Associative array or 3-d arrays.


In the First step, we ill store the product data into a php variable ($products_array)


Now we need to create a simple script to convert products array data into XML file. PHP script which is used to convert array data into xml is given below:


Now you will get the “products.xml” file into same folder, in which folder you php script is saved.

Finally, our step by step process to convert array data into XML file is completed.

You’ll get complete code  ( step-1 to step-3 ) from below:

Are you want to get implementation help, or modify or extend the functionality of this script? 

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