How to send attachment in an email on form submission using PHP

send mail with attachment in php

Contact or feedback form is utilized for online communication and the submitted form data is sent vie email instantly. At the point when the contact form has a document upload field, the document should be sent with email as a attachment. Using the php mail() function, you can send email with attachment and form data in PHP without much of a stretch. In this instructional tutorials, we will guide you how to send email with attachment on form submission using PHP. The following code gives a moment capacity to make…

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Delegates :- Delegates are a type-safe, object oriented implementation of function pointers and are used in many situations where a component needs to call back to the component that is using it. Delegates are generally used as basis of event, which allow any delegate to easily be registered for as event. Namespace :- Namespaces are logical grouping of classes and other types in hierarchical structure. Namespace are useful to avoid collision or ambiguity among the classes and type names. Another use of the namespace is to arrange a group of…

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HACK-1 year Amazon Prime Membership Free


In this article , i will tell you about opportunity for free Amazon Prime Membership for complete 1 year. Quickly grab your free Prime Membership now by below step: Steps to avail free prime membership Open Amazon App Search for Amazon Prime Membership Click on Join Prime Today link that comes up. Click login to Join Prime Button. Register for prime. Click check out. Select Netbanking as a payment option Select HDFC bank Continue – This will take you to HDFC payment gateway. Type 123456789 as user id Click login…

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How to convert HTML to PDF file in PHP

html to pdf conversion

Hello Buddy, In this post we’ll get the knowledge about how to convert HTML to PDF file using PHP with fpdf library. Usually HTML to PDF conversion is a big problem for PHP Developers and every time they look for appropriate solutions, so when reviewing this post you’ll not take more than 10 minutes to convert HTML to PDF.I even have used a library fpgf open and extremely helpful library for developers, Here may be a esay tutorial on the way to convert HTML to PDF using fpdf. First of…

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Different types of errors in php

Different types of errors in php

E_ERROR: A fatal error that causes script termination E_WARNING: Run-time warning that does not cause script termination E_ALL: Catches all errors and warnings E_PARSE: Compile time parse error. E_NOTICE: Run time notice caused due to error in code E_USER_WARNING: User-generated warning message. E_USER_ERROR: User-generated error message. E_USER_NOTICE: User-generated notice message. E_STRICT: Run-time notices. E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR: Catchable fatal error indicating a dangerous error

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How to write connection class to mysql database using php

Hello! In this post, you will learn to how to write and test the OOP based connection class to mysql database using php. see to do it.. connection.php

Now you have create the database connection class let’s see how to call this connection class inside your project. To test the connection we will create another php file and create a object from my existing connection class.. see to do it.. >test.php

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Types of Array

types of array

Array is the collection of   keys and values. The key can either be an integer or a string. The value can be of any type. This is usually done for single-line arrays, i.e. array(1, 2) is preferred over array(1, 2, ). For multi-line arrays on the other hand the trailing comma is commonly used, as it allows easier addition of new elements at the end. Types of array 1.single 2. two dimensional 3. multi- dimensionnal 1. single dimensional array:

2. two dimensional array:

3. mutli-dimensional array:

you can…

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How to integrate Gravity Forms with Google Spreadsheets:

Gravity Forms is an extremely popular Forms plugin for the WordPress. When someone submits a form created with Gravity Forms, the form data is saved inside the MySQL database . There are step by step process to integrate Gravity Forms with Google Spreadsheets: Step1-> Open the google spreadsheet where you wish to save the form data Step2-> create a header row with the column names for all the fields that you wish to save from Gravity Forms. Step3-> go to Tools->Script Editor step4-> paste the following code

——– Step5-> Save…

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Different types of errors in PHP.

Notices, Warnings and Fatal errors are the types of errors in PHP Notices: Notices represents non-critical errors, i.e. accessing a variable that has not yet been defined. By default, such errors are not displayed to the user at all but whenever required, you can change this default behavior. Warnings: Warnings are more serious errors but they do not result in script termination. i.e calling include() a file which does not exist. By default, these errors are displayed to the user. Fatal errors: Fatal errors are critical errors i.e. calling a…

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