How to Create ZIP File using PHP


The ZIP is a normally used file format to archive files with information compression. When you need to enable the client to download numerous folders and files from the server, you have to make a ZIP file on the fly. It compresses files and archive to download numerous files at once. The ZIP file creation from the PHP script is basic as like the add to archive functionality in the System. Making ZIP archive from the directory can be effectively executed utilizing PHP. The ZipArchive class in PHP gives a…

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How to send attachment in an email on form submission using PHP

send mail with attachment in php

Contact or feedback form is utilized for online communication and the submitted form data is sent vie email instantly. At the point when the contact form has a document upload field, the document should be sent with email as a attachment. Using the php mail() function, you can send email with attachment and form data in PHP without much of a stretch. In this instructional tutorials, we will guide you how to send email with attachment on form submission using PHP. The following code gives a moment capacity to make…

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How to Create One Time Temporary Download Link with Expiration in PHP

Tutorials Website

Temporary download link is extremely helpful to offer Digital products on the site. It gives a safe method to share the download link of the advanced items. The client permits downloading the record just a single time, after the download the link is terminated or evacuated. The one-time download link is perfect to give an advanced item (code, music, video, and so on) to a solitary individual and terminate the link once the item is downloaded. With the single-utilize download link, you don’t have to physically screen the download action…

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How to export HTML file to MS Word document (.doc) using php code


Generally, the export feature is used to download HTML file as MS Word document file and save it for offline use. The conversion of HTML file into word document using PHP code is the most requested feature for developers. Microsoft Word or Doc (.doc) format is ideal for exporting HTML content in a file. The export to doc functionality can be easily implemented using php code. The server-side  export to doc functionality makes the web application user-friendly. The user can export all data of the web page content into doc format. In this tutorial,…

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How to Generate PDF from Mysql Database using PHP

Generate PDF from mysql database

In this post I will explain you How to Generate PDF from Mysql Database using PHP. To Generate PDF file with mysql data content and output, we will use popular php library FPDF which will help us to generate PDF file. What is FPDF ? FPDF is a PHP class library which allow us to generate PDF file using PHP. In FPDF, ‘F’ stands for Free. So We can say FPDF  means Free PDF . It is Open Source library. You may use it  and modify for any kind of usage to…

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How to Import MySQL Database from SQL File using PHP

Importing SQL script via programming will be useful when we need to create database structure dynamically. For example, if we provide APP or plugin to download and install from online, the dynamic SQL import will be used to setup the application database at the time of installing the APP or plugin. To import SQL file in the database, you have to login to your hosting server or phpMyAdmin. Also, you can import the database from PHP script without login to your hosting server or phpMyAdmin. Import database from PHP script…

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How to Create Dynamic Category Subcategory Tree using PHP and MySQL


Category and subcategory tree view structure gives an easy to use approach to list the parent and child categories. The category and their subcategory are effectively isolated by a tree structure. The categories tree view is constantly recommended to display a boundless level of categories and subcategories. In this instructional exercise, we will show you industry standards to make dynamic category subcategory tree using PHP and MySQL. The recursive category tree is extremely helpful to list n level categories in a dropdown. The code help you to make n level…

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How to update PHP version in Xampp

Your search for the Xampp tutorial has finally got an end. As in this blog post of how to update php version in Xampp, we will make you come across the learning’s you were looking for. We understand it requires a lot of time to use multiple versions of php for your various projects. In this situation, sometimes you end up with installing xampp on different port or you can install one xampp and update php. Through this blog post, you will come across how you can update php version…

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How to create PHP Text Captcha without google captcha API

php captcha code

PHP Text Captcha is a image of text which is generated by free captcha script. It is used to protect your login form, register form or any forms from spam ,abuse and hackers. In this article, we will learn How to create PHP Text Captacha without google captcha API. PHP Text Captcha is open source script which is used to create complex images. Features of PHP Text Captcha: Code Structure is small. phpTextClass is used to create captcha image Code is fully customizable Security features with random lines and noise…

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