How to Add or Embed Google Review on your website


Embed or display google customer review on your website is an easy way to create a market trust in front of your customer or visitor. Currently, every company have google business profile to promote your business in google and display the business location in google map. If your have a Google business listing page where your customer can write review related to your services or product quality then it will build a trust in front of your customer to use or purchase your services or products. Here i will guide…

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How to export HTML file to MS Word document (.doc) using php code


Generally, the export feature is used to download HTML file as MS Word document file and save it for offline use. The conversion of HTML file into word document using PHP code is the most requested feature for developers. Microsoft Word or Doc (.doc) format is ideal for exporting HTML content in a file. The export to doc functionality can be easily implemented using php code. The server-side  export to doc functionality makes the web application user-friendly. The user can export all data of the web page content into doc format. In this tutorial,…

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How to Embed PDF file into the HTML Web Pages

When we want to embed a pdf document in the html web pages, we take help of a hyperlink to make a linkage of PDF documents to show them in the browser. The easiest way to display a PDF file is to use HTML anchor link. What if you want to display a PDF document on the web page? If it is really so, then PDF files needs to be embedded in HTML. A tag <embed> is the most suitable option to embed the PDF document on the web page.…

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How to create 3D Rotating Image Gallery with CSS


In thi article , We will learn How to create 3D Rotating Image Gallery with CSS. You can use 3D rotating Gallery make your web portal more dynamic and attractive. With 3D transforms,you can make simple elements more interesting by setting 3D space. With the help of CSS transitions, these elements can be moved in 3D space and create a realistic effect. Basically, Image gallery is a group of images to provide user-friendly view in the web page. You will get many jQuery plugins are available for creating a 3D…

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How to remove .php or .html extension using .htaccess file


In this tutorial you will run “How to remove .php, .html extension using .htaccess file”. Many time we try to make our website more user friendly and search engine friendly. If you want to increase indexing of your website with google search engine then you need to make your website search engine friendly. In this tutorials, i will show you easy step by editing the .htaccess file. What is an .htaccess file First of all i want to tell you, what is an .htaccess file and why i will use?…

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How to Create Bootstrap Carousel Slider

Bootstrap Carousel slider

In this article we will learn “How to create Bootstrap Carousel slider” with different types of carousel functionality. There are lot’s of jQuery slidershow plugins are available to create crousel slider for cycling through elements. If web application uses Bootstrap framework, an additional jQuery pligins is not required to slideshow elements like a carousel. Bootstrap JS Carousel (carousel.js) provides an simple way to use a carousel slider on the web page. In this Step, we will show you our example code, with the help of this code you can extend…

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Create HTML5 Fullscreen Video Background Using CSS


In this article, i will show you how to add static video in background of html section using css. It is a very easy and simple script to add video background on loading page. In this article i am using HTML5 video tag <video width=”300″ height=”150″> to embed this video and css is used to put video on background.</video>

Above script is using to ad HTML <video> tag and in video properties we set to mute, autoplay and loop control. this control will play video automatically without sound and…

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Facebook style timeline content loading placeholder with CSS

Facebook style timeline content loading placeholder with CSS

In this article, we’ll get the knowledge about Facebook timeline placeholder style using CSS. Many times you have noticed that when you open facebook on your system, you will get content loading placeholder and you always think how that placeholder work. I have found that code and want to share that with you all. you will get all HTML and css code below if you need to use this code in your project or any application. Let’s start and do it: First of all create HTML file and copy paste…

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How to convert HTML to PDF file in PHP

html to pdf conversion

Hello Buddy, In this post we’ll get the knowledge about how to convert HTML to PDF file using PHP with fpdf library. Usually HTML to PDF conversion is a big problem for PHP Developers and every time they look for appropriate solutions, so when reviewing this post you’ll not take more than 10 minutes to convert HTML to PDF.I even have used a library fpgf open and extremely helpful library for developers, Here may be a esay tutorial on the way to convert HTML to PDF using fpdf. First of…

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How to show image thumbnail before upload with jQuery

image thumbnail

Now, i am going to Share: How to show image thumbnail before upload with jQuery Step 1:- Put the following code in <body></body> section.

Step 2:- Put the script code in <head></head> section.

Step 3:- Put following CSS code also in <head></head>section

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